Why Promotional Videos Are Quickly Becoming The Go-To Way To Market Yourself

Why Promotional Videos Are Quickly Becoming The Go-To Way To Market Yourself

Why Promotional Videos Are Quickly Becoming The Go-To Way To Market Yourself

18 February 2020
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Trying to navigate online marketing as a small business is never easy. You only have a certain amount of funds to allocate to this end and it is essential that you use it as efficiently as possible. How can you reach the most people and convey the most amount of information in the cheapest possible way? It used to be through text-based adverts that were popular across social media back when the average residential internet plans were not big enough to support anything else. However, now with bigger internet plans commonplace, the best place to spend your money is on promotional videos and here is why. 

Growing Market

Promotional videos are exploding in popularity for one reason: they work. Marketers do not continue doing something that is not making their clients money and in the case of promotional videos, the evidence is overwhelming. A staggering 88% of video marketers report a positive return on investment which has only grown in recent years. That is because now streaming video is easier than ever, with mobile streams on social media sites accounting for over 90% in some areas. If you can reach your customers on their morning commute as well as when they are just relaxing at home then why wouldn't you?

Video Is Easier To Digest

The simple fact is that your average customer wants to do as little as possible to be convinced about your product. Reading paragraphs on design, features and comparisons might outline why your product is the best but it is also a hurdle for many customers because they simply don't care enough to read it all. Promotional videos are much easier to consume which means it often does not feel like you are being advertised to. To achieve this you need a professional marketing consultant though, as on your own you are liable to make some errors that will also turn people off.

Multiple Marketing Avenues

The thing about creating promotional videos is that you can use them in almost every stream of media, making them extremely versatile. Of course, they can be posted and viewed online but they can also be shown on TV, before movies and played on the radio (the audio at least). This means you are drastically reducing the amount of money you have to spend to get a finished product that, if you want, can be shown in basically any medium other than print. No other format comes close to the adaptability as a promotional video.

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